Project organization in aerial engineering

Vink Systems

Vink Systems is a project organization in air technology. Vink Systemen designs, supplies, installs and maintains air ducts and air technology components for air treatment systems.

With over 45 years of experience, Vink Systems is a reliable partner when it comes to new construction and renovation in the market segments of utility, care & government, sports & leisure and offshore & industry. We employ committed and knowledgeable people so that your project is in good hands. In short....We take care of air!

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Manufacturer of air ducts and specials

Vink Products

Vink Products is a manufacturer of rectangular, round and oval air ducts and air technology components such as outdoor air diffusers and roof hoods.

Metals such as galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless and bare steel in sheet thicknesses of 0.75 - 5 mm are processed. In addition to metal air ducts, Vink Products also manufactures plastic air ducts.

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Air technology solutions


VSL air-o-vent provides HVAC installers with customized air solutions. Always full of energy and knowledgeable.

VSL air-o-vent is a supplier of round and rectangular air ducts and air technology equipment for air conditioning systems. VSL air-o-vent's vision is to unburden you so you can focus on your core competencies. We value personal attention, empathy and service. 

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Induct advises you in optimizing your production and comes up with innovative and energy effective solutions. This concept is then constructed by Induct as a custom design and implemented in your company. 

During implementation, we will try to minimize disruption to the client's process. We help draw up space specifications and advise on the technical and financial implications of your choice. In doing so, we engineer, design, supply and assemble industrial plants and clean rooms from A-Z.

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